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Daft Punk - Giorgio by Moroder via
Liz & the Lost Boys - The Forest and the Farmer via
Co.Fee - King Cobra via
The Sweet Serenades - Can't Get Enough via
Teen Themes - only in my dreams via
Seapony - Sailing via
Breathe Out - Dead Friends via
Luna is Honey - Who Wouldn't via
Hospitality - Betty Wang (LP Version) via
Soothsayers - The Streets Of London (Radio Edit) via
Delta Spirit - California via
Low - Just Make It Stop via
maitland - Drop Down via
Electric Sea Spider - Dipper via
Jack Beats - End of Love (Re-Edit) via
Homeboy Sandman - Yeah But I Can Rhyme Though via
Bromheads - Holding The Gun via
d'Eon - Century By Century via
Eluvium - Calm of the Cast-Light Cloud via

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