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Saskatchewan - Fronting via
Vampire Weekend - Step via
The Rural Alberta Advantage - Coldest Days via
The Underachievers - The Mahdi. (Prod. Marcasso) via
maitland - Drop Down via
Majical Cloudz - Bugs don't buzz via
Scarlet Soho - Solo KO (Teenage Mutants reMix) via
Ghosts - Judge via
The People's Temple - Axe Man via
J Rob - Stop N Go via
Zig Zags - Wastin My Time via
Yellow Yesterday - Le via
Cillie Barnes - Brainwash via
King Of Spain - Motions via
Twin Cabins - I'm Sure via
White Denim - No Real Reason via
The Luyas - Your Name's Mostly Water via
Wall - Something on Your Mind (Karen Dalton cover) via
Akouo - Above & Beyond via
Bosco - Joker via

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