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Gin Wigmore - Hallelujah via
Kid Cudi - Cleveland Is the Reason via
Reversing Falls - Curse This Place via
GOV - I've Never Seen A Ghost via
The Antiheroes - Addiction via
The Trouble With Sweeney - Track 01 via
River Bones - Hell Hound via
Jef Gilson Et Malagasy - Valiha Del (1973) via
The Fearless Vampire Killers - One Day At A Time via
Biga Ranx - We Love Life Ft. Chill Bump via
Wintersleep - Resuscitate via
White Manna - Mirror Sky via
When Nalda Became Punk - When It'll Come via
Doc & Merle Watson - St. Louis Blues (W.C. Handy cover) via
Hey Champ - Cliché via
Sweet Talk - last dance via
Sol - Old Him via
Balinese Gamelan - -- Gambangan via
Jamestown Revival - Ain't It A Shame via
Matthew Dear - Crimewaves via

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