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Giraffage - Close 2 Me via
The Replacements - If Only You Were Lonely via
BUDDY GIRL and MECHANIC - Fenix (Japan) via
Jesse Ruins - Dream Analysis via
Chad & The Meatbodies - Mountain via
Flutes - Kilburn via
RAC - Lovefool (ft. Liz Anjos) via
Bugs and Rats - People Watching In Boston via
Motopony - King of Diamonds via
Hectic Zeniths - I Might Drown via
Chad Valley - Now That I'm Real via
Hollywood - Forever via
Lorine Chia - Can We via
Ace Reporter - Untouched & Arrived via
Bill Callahan - So Long Marianne via
Wall - Something on Your Mind (Karen Dalton cover) via
Ben Folds Five - Gone via
cinnamon girl - Devil In Me (Noosa Remix) via
Bear Hands - Crime Pays via
Ty Segall - Who Are You via

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